Top 10 Countries With Red, White, and Green Flags

Despite their similarities, red, white, and green flags are not universal. Some countries have different flags and symbols than others. You may be wondering why a country has a particular flag. You may also be wondering what the colors mean. This list will help you answer those questions and more.


Qatar’s economy is driven by the oil and gas industry. Its exports include petroleum, machinery, and food. The country also imports goods from other countries. The United States, China, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates are its top import sources. Its largest export destinations include Japan, South Korea, and India. Most of its exports are in the form of petroleum.

The flag of Qatar is composed of two colors, red and white. The white portion covers about one-third of the flag, while the chestnut portion covers the other two-thirds. The white portion of the flag has a diamond symbol on each side, while the purple part has a vertical bar containing nine triangles. It is one of the few national flags in the world that has a higher width than its height.

Before oil and gas discoveries, Qatar earned a fortune from pearl diving. Its waters were rich in pearls and the country became famous for its quality. Today, the country’s famous pearl diving site is on an artificial island. The pearl dive site is collectively known as The Pearl.


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